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crowdin string list


Show a list of source strings


crowdin string list [CONFIG OPTIONS] [OPTIONS]


Filter strings by file path in Crowdin

Filter strings by identifier, text or context

-b, --branch=…
Specify branch name. Default: none

Filter strings by labels (multiple labels can be specified)

Filter strings by CroQL expression

Path to the directory in Crowdin to filter strings (can’t be used together with file or branch)

Specify field to be the target of filtering. It can be one scope or a list of comma-separated scopes

-V, --version
Display version information and exit

-h, --help
Display help message and exit

Disable progress on executed command

-v, --verbose
Provide more information about the command execution

Disable colors and styles

-c, --config=…
Specify a path to the configuration file. Default: crowdin.yml or crowdin.yaml

Specify a path to user-specific credentials

Provide plain, processable output

Config Options​

-T, --token=…
Personal access token required for authentication

Base URL of Crowdin server for API requests execution

Path to your project directory on a local machine

-i, --project-id=…
Numeric ID of the project

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