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Crowdin CLI uses a YAML configuration file that contains a description of the resources to manage: files to be uploaded into Crowdin and the locations of the corresponding translations.

To use Crowdin CLI, you should first generate your configuration file and then run the tool. By default, Crowdin CLI looks for a configuration file named crowdin.yaml or crowdin.yml (so you don’t have to specify the file name unless it’s different from crowdin.yaml).

To create the configuration file run the following command:

crowdin init

When calling Crowdin CLI in terminal make sure you are in your project root directory. Otherwise, you need to specify a configuration file path using --config option:

crowdin upload sources --config /path/to/your/config/file

Sample configuration file

"project_id": "12"
"api_token": "54e01--your-personal-token--2724a"
"base_path": "."
"base_url": ""

"preserve_hierarchy": true

"files": [
"source" : "/locales/**/*",
"translation" : "/%two_letters_code%/%original_file_name%"

Credentials configuration:

project_idCrowdin Project ID
api_tokenCrowdin personal access token. The token owner should have at least Manager permissions in the project
base_urlCrowdin API base URL. Can be omitted for For Crowdin Enterprise use the https://{organization-name}

For more information how to configure Crowdin CLI, check the Configuration File article.

Further Reading