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Exit Codes

Crowdin CLI provides exit codes to help users understand the results of their operations. Exit codes are numeric values returned by commands executed in the terminal, indicating the success or failure of the operation. These codes can be especially useful when scripting or automating tasks with Crowdin CLI.

Exit codeExplanation
1General Error
2Validation Error
101Authorization Error
102Not Found Error
103Forbidden Error
129Rate Limit Error

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Handling Exit Codes

When scripting or automating tasks with Crowdin CLI, it's important to handle exit codes appropriately to ensure robustness and error handling. You can use these exit codes in conditional statements to perform specific actions based on the result of the command execution. Here's an example in a shell script:


# Run Crowdin CLI command
crowdin upload sources

# Check the exit code
if [ $? -eq 0 ]; then
echo "Upload completed successfully."
echo "Upload failed. Exit code: $?"

In this script, the crowdin upload sources command is executed, and then the exit code is checked. If the exit code is 0, it prints a success message; otherwise, it prints a failure message along with the exit code.