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Example project

Crowdin iOS SDK Example project is a simple todo app that illustrates how you can use Crowdin SDK features with a real iOS app. This app's primary purpose is to show the Crowdin SDK integration process in action and test the possibilities it provides.

App Overview

In the Crowdin iOS SDK Example app, you can create reminders, add them to groups, create location-based reminders, and so on. This Example app is based on AppleReminders project.


You can find all the needed configuration code in SceneDelegate.swift file. Fill in the following fields using your credentials and run the app.

private let distributionHash = "your_distribution_hash" // Crowdin OTA Content Delivery distribution hash
private let sourceLanguage = "source_language" // Crowdin project source language (e.g. "en")

private let clientId = "your_client_id" // Crowdin OAuth Client ID (needed for Screenshots and Real-Time Preview features)
private let clientSecret = "your_client_secret" // Crowdin OAuth Client Secret (needed for Screenshots and Real-Time Preview features)

To run the example project, clone the repo, and run pod install from the Example directory, then open AppleReminders.xcworkspace.

To read more about Crowdin iOS SDK configuration read Setup.