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SDK Controls

Crowdin SDK Controls - UI widget for easy access to the main features of the Crowdin SDK. The component can be drag-and-dropped to any position of a device's screen, and it has the following states:

Collapsed (simple icon)ExpandedExpanded (logged-in)
SDK Controls collapsedSDK Controls expandedSDK Controls expanded logged-in

The expanded state provides the following action buttons:

  • Log In/Out: launch authorization flow or clear user authorization data on logout. Authorization is needed for the Screenshots and Real-Time Preview features.
  • Real-time preview: open/close WS connection that is required to work with Crowdin editor. Also, this is using in the "Reload Translations" option.
  • Capture screenshots: capture a screenshot of the current screen with all the tagged strings and upload it to Crowdin.
  • Reload Translations:
    • if Real-Time Preview is ON: it will fetch all the latest translations from the Crowdin project and apply them to UI.
    • if Real-Time preview is OFF: it will fetch the translations from the distribution and apply them to UI.
  • Logs: Provides a detailed log of all actions made by SDK (API calls, Content loading, etc). See Debug and Logging for more details.

The SDK controls feature should not be used in a production environment. It is intended for use in development or staging only.


Add the following code to your Podfile:

target 'your-app' do
pod 'CrowdinSDK'
pod 'CrowdinSDK/LoginFeature' // Required for Screenshots and Real-Time Preview
pod 'CrowdinSDK/Screenshots' // Required for Screenshots
pod 'CrowdinSDK/RealtimeUpdate' // Required for Real-Time Preview
pod 'CrowdinSDK/Settings' // Add SDK Controls widget

Add the following option to your Crowdin SDK configuration:

.with(settingsEnabled: true) // To enable SDK Controls widget

Please make sure that you made all the necessary configurations for the nedded features.